Ribbed Steel

Insulated Door DASMA TDS-163 calculated R-Value: 6.52*

  1. 2” thick sections constructed of pre-finished galvanized steel
  2. Insulated models feature either heavy duty vinyl or 27 gauge steel backers
  3. Box shaped stiles are riveted to the face of the section and are galvanized for additional corrosion protection
  4. Tongue and groove meeting rails provide superior rail strength and weather resistance
  5. Glass is available in 1/8" DSB, 1/8" Lexan, Insulated or 1/4" tempered glass
  6. Glass is easily replaced or substituted by removing molded frames
  7. Exhaust port is optional for bottom section
  8. Track options include 2” or 3” bracket or clip angle mount and designed to accommodate virtually any headroom design requirements
  9. Heavy duty hardware may be specified with 11 or 14 gauge hinges and 10 ball rollers
  10. Bottom U-shaped astragal in an aluminum retainer is standard Increased windload requirements may be specified.
  11. All models are available in finishing coat of white. Additional sandstone, brown and silver finishes are available in models 3240/41/42 ONLY
Ribbed Steel Garage Doors